About Us



Blakhart Coffee was established in December of 2017 as a clandestine meeting was made between brothers of different mothers. "I have always wanted to expand into coffee" says Zeus, CEO and owner of Blakhart Guitars, and Coffee. "There is something magical about creating a unique blend of roasted coffee beans. It's like creating a new guitar or bass...but it's much more affordable to the average citizen to experience." 


Blakhart Coffee produces custom, high-end, small batch roasted beans for its unique clientele. They are an eco-friendly company and utilize ethically sourced ingredients whenever possible. Whether it is a Certified Organic, Bird Friendly or RainForest Alliance Certified component, you can be confident that your morning cup of deliciousness is environmentally conscious. A portion of the profits from this Vegan owned LLC go towards several Non-Profit Organizations that protect wildlife, domestic animals and marine species. Blakhart Coffee continues to market and co-brand limited releases and roasts with several partners in the music industry as well. What more could you ask for Great Coffee, Great Causes!!! #COFFEEFORACAUSE

 "Zeus" Owen David : WIZARD

Metal Head, Entrepreneur, Animal Rights Activist, Vegan. "Coffaholic" He has done many amazingly cool things such as build custom motorcycles, toured the states playing music, rescued animals and spread wildlife / environmental protection values as well as plant based lifestyles. He currently volunteers for Aartwork Org, NACC and runs Blakhart Guitars & Coffee.


C "Violentkor" Simon : SORCERER

The Hera to Blakhart's Zeus, Simon is the "White Witch" who seems to make everything align. Musician, Animal Rights Activist, Plant Based Nutritionist, Artist. She was the first female guitarist to be endorsed by KRANK AMPLIFIERS. Her background is in logistics, graphic design, medical supply tech, animal care and antique hot rods. She keeps all the gears moving by day, and fights crime as a masked super hero by night. She is also the founder of Aartwork Org, a 501(c)3 non profit.

Blakhart Coffee is a subsidiary of Blakhart Guitars LLC. All rights reserved. 


PO BOX 10062
VA BEACH, VA 23450